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  • A guardian shall exercise extreme care and diligence when making decisions on behalf of a protected person. All decisions shall be made in a manner which protects the civil rights and and liberties of the protected person and maximizes independence and self-reliance.


  • The guardian shall exhibit the highest degree of trust, loyalty and fidelity in relation to the protected person.


  • The guardian shall assume legal custody of the protected person and shall ensure the protected person resides in the least restrictive environment available.


  • The guardian shall assume responsibility to provide informed consent on behalf of the protected person for the provision of care, treatment and services and shall ensure that such care, treatment and services presents the least restrictive form of intervention available


  • The guardian of the estate shall provide competent management of the property and income of the estate. In the discharge of this duty, the guardian shall exercise intelligence, prudence and diligence and avoid any self-interest.


  • The guardian has an affirmative obligation to seek termination or limitation of the guardianship wherever indicated.

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